Final Video


Matt and I interviewed each other for our final video. We asked each other why we chose St. Cloud State University and why we chose to be in the Mass Communications department. We used the iPad kits to film our shots and we used Adobe Premiere to edit our video.


We used a KillerTracks song titled, “After Sun” by Linden Valentine.


Shot List:

0:00 Shot 1- Panning wide shot with intro title

0:04 Shot 2 – Close tilt

0:07  Shot 3 – Wide shot pan and tilt

0:11 Shot 4 – Extreme wide shot

0:14 Shot 5 – Midshot with lower third

0:18 Shot 6 – Crawling title

0:37 Shot 7 – Close up

0:39 Shot 8 – Midshot with lower third

1:02 Shot 9 – Close Up

1:04 Shot 10 – Tilting close up

1:08 Shot 11 – Extreme close up

1:11 Shot 12 – Rolling credits


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